I see. I don’t know, but I feel optimistic about the present. I understand your concern, but I see so many news all the time, about so many people working on new games and new apps for virtual reality, 360º videos and so forth. Maybe it’s where I’m speaking from, but here in Brazil there is some kind of euphoria about virtual reality and more and more companies and institutions are interested in using this technology — there’s even a study that points out that people would rather buy from brands that use VR, for instance.

Also, I think my optimism comes after the fact that many businesses and companies are trying to implement VR and AR to their agenda. Maybe another reason why VR didn’t happen in the 90s was because it was even more expensive back then— we didn’t have mobile phones with the technology we currently have and they are basically one of the main reasons why we’re able to have VR sets now.

Anyways, thank you for reading the article and for starting this conversation here :)

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Brazilian journalist, MA in Semiotics and PhD candidate in Visual Arts. Head of innovation and futurism at UP Lab. Cyberpunk enthusiast and researcher.

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