Photo by Katerina Jerabkova. Source: Unsplash

How Byung-Chul Han foresaw the toxic positivity of coaches and the wellness industry

Scene from the Goop Lab.

“The discipline society is a society of negativity. It is defined by the negativity of prohibition. Its leading modal verb is “cannot.” (…) The achievement society increasingly is in the process of discarding negativity. The increase deregulation is abolishing that. The unlimited “should” is a positive modal verb of this society of achievement. (…) Prohibitions, command and laws are exchanged by projects, initiatives and motivation. The discipline society is still ruled by the “no”. Its negativity fabricates madmen and criminals. In contrast, the achievement society fabricates depressive people and losers.”

Street art that says “the obligation to produce alienates the passion of creation”

“He is the predator and the prey at the same time. The self, in the main sense of the word, still represents an immunological category. However, depression iludes all the immunological barriers. It overflows at the moment when the achievement subject is no longer able to be able. First and, more importantly, depression is the fatigued creativity and an exhausted ability. The complaint of a depressive subject that “nothing is possible” can only happen in a society where “nothing is impossible”. Not being able to be able generates a self-destructive and self-aggressive state.”

Photo by Lutchenca Medeiros. Source: Unsplash

Brazilian journalist, MA in Semiotics and PhD candidate in Visual Arts. Head of innovation and futurism at UP Lab. Cyberpunk enthusiast and researcher.

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